Gifts to Go – but with held

UPDATE AS AT 10.1.2012   The Customs are requesting a new thing of Import Tax – around £70.  Still debating what to do.  Any ideas gratefully received.


Such a sadness, after all the excitement of  Fingerprints friends shopping specifically  for gifts for Emmanuel House children, wrapping, labelling, sending via FedEx (by the kindness of three generous people and a top up from Bristol Business Centre, funding this) way in time for Christmas the Ugandan Customs have with held the parcel.  We have subsequently sent details of the contents of each gift and the names of each recipient.  It is absolutely wrotten.
These were to be the first ever presents the children would receive, with their own name written on, a brand new gift especially for them, to show how we love and care for them. Gifts they could enjoy because they were all indoor games.  I was advised to leave it to the courier and have therefore not interfered, except to post this disappointment.

We are yet hopeful that they will be delivered and the joy will be unconfined if somewhat delayed.