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Merry Neighbours


We had the most fantastic Diamond Jubilee Street Party, so many  taking on responsibilities of road blocking wearing hi-viz jackets, putting up gazeboes, bunting dressers, Paddy’s scones and cake making, arduous duties behind the Bar,  MC, crown-making, Raffle with prizes donated by local shops, salons, restaurants and generous neighbours (making £200!), Constantine on BBQ, wonderful entertainments …and so on.


Very many thanks to all on the Committee and all those who came, especially to the children whose raised voices  chanted, “its for Uganda”, Name the Corgi, sales of jam tarts, tomato plants – generally anything and everything that would generate money.

Thus far the total from the children, kind donations, wadges of cash found in Charlie’s jeans (just before going into the machine!) and profits means around £485.16 has just come our way.  This will buy 6 large unbreakable vacuum flasks for overnight porridge, bath mats and hopefully towards sitting-room furniture for Emmanuel House girls relaxing after all the homework and chores are done!  THANK YOU EVERYONE