Thank you from everyone at Kyabirwa

to the Uganda 2013 Team who cheerfully dug and dug, shovelled earth, dug and dug, shovelled earth, counted, heaved and wheel-barrowed bricks, cemented between bricks, pointed, stood back and admired, sweated A LOT, continued to be incredibly cheerful…………….the girls’ bathroom was completed by two local guys just as we arrived back in GB.  For all the stages please go to

Thank you to Helen Powell for seeing the need, putting it out to her family, friends and colleagues who then stumped up….mightily.  Thank you so much.

In fact there was money left over which has gone to pay for the final term of porridge for the 1,200 Kyabirwa pupils.  BRILLIANT and thank you.

Thank you Team 2013, Helen, Jack, Tom, Becca, Jim, Melissa and Tim, plus all staff who had a quick dig too.