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Thank you to everyone for reading  our website, showing interest, giving your time, skills, money and love to the vulnerable children in Jinja. All knitted blankets, jumpers and titfers continue to be gratefully received.

It has been amazing how many people have “caught” the passion because they can see the difference in Ugandan lives. Our strap is to show caring by sharing, and that is what you have done.

In the West we are satiated.  Post Christmas,  Tim and I are clearing out every cupboard, room by room we have so much stuff! Even when we’ve done it, there will still be too much.

{Jack Powell of Bristol Grammar School,  for his Silver D of E has taken on Fingerprints as his charity and will be organising a book, dvd and cd sale in early February – an excellent opportunity for a good clear out, but of course we need people to buy….there we go again!}

Team Uganda 2013 were amazing and for all who give Direct Debits there is a rather fab calendar showing all we got up to. Westbury Inks kindly gave us a discount on the printing for which we are grateful as it is a gift from Tim and myself.

In December, a 5 year old friend did a beautiful thing. In order to save money for 2 girls in Emmanuel House to have Christmas clothies, she did jobs around the house for Mummy and Daddy, who then put money into her “Shepherd’s Purse”. She placed the full-to-bursting Purse under their Tree on Christmas Eve. In the morning all that she had given was replaced with small gifts of thanks for her. Adorable.

Three slightly older friends having significant 50,60 and 70 birthdays, plus a pair of lovers 25 years married,  have all been wonderful in eschewing presents by asking their loved ones to give to Fingerprints.  This is selfless and gorgeous. Thank you again.

Every penny given for the Porridge Pot Project, Emmanuel House and for the necklaces is valued.  We are considering asking local businesses to become involved in the PPP as is gets harder to motivate and follow through at St John’s.  £3,500 a year seems steep, unless we have sponsored ski-ers, marathon runners, slimmers (I will do my part in January – huh!) I was greatly encouraged by a Solicitor, at a drinks party, saying he would match whatever his partners gave to us and I hadn’t even asked! Yipee…..we will try that route and spread the word.

Thank YOU for everything you have done to help us in 2013.

Let’s look to the future as we have been entrusted through a huge sum, given by an anonymous donor, to buy property for the children in Jinja. We are humbled.