my name is Jacqui Beadies

I do not have the use of my legs so manage to move myself around our family room using my arms, and around town on a three wheeler with the chain attached to the handle bars. In Jinja town I pack matches for an Asian company, they pay me £3 a day.

I and my family make beadies to be sold in Britain. We hand roll long triangles of colourful re-cycled paper, glue the end, dip in resin, and drape strings of them over the washing line attached to the bouganvillia bush in our front garden, where the goat is tethered and chickens run riot. The income from the beads helps me to pay for some of my children to be educated, whilst I put down small money to invest in a piece of land on the other side of The Nile. If you could see my smile you would know how happy I am and so grateful every time someone buys a necklace and one for a friend!