What drives us, What started this,
Who we are and Who we work with.


Fingerprints in Uganda believes that ideally everyone should be born equal.  As this is not a reality, we endeavour to play our part by sharing the resources of our time, skills and money to meet the needs of those less fortunate, thereby in a very small but significant way, restoring some balance.  


Back in 2008 Tim and Susannah Hills took a “Gap Season”, travelling to Uganda and knowing ONE person.  Credit indeed to Mr Kiganga, Godfrey (then Head of Lords Meade Vocational School) for introducing them to schools in Jinja.  Friendships blossomed, partnerships were formed, street children were spotted in rubbish skips, beads were bought …….and look Read more…


Ugandans are the most beautiful and warm people in the world, it is a joy to know so many. Literally thousands of children are specifically helped by friends of Fingerprints in Uganda. Come and meet some of them on site.


Sharing the caring means spreading the joy of giving time, enthusiasm, skills, money.  All our ever-growing links are friends and valued organisations we know personally. Bristol Uganda Link St John’s Primary, Clifton, Bristol Emmanuel Church, Redmaids School, Bristol Volunteering and more information about Kyabirwa Primary Volunteers have done marvellous work at Kyabirwa through Ecoteer Lords Read more…