Recently, the Clifton Rotary Club invited Fingerprints to lunch and give a presentation,sitting on Top Table next to President Dennis Vittle. What a great couple of hours with 40 Gentlemen,their full attention + scampi and chips. Jonathan Bolgar writes in their Newsletter, “substantially brightening, resplendent in her Ugandan costume Susannah took us on a whistle-stop Read more…

LOIS sells her Library

Lois, in Year 3 of St John’s Primary, Bristol had a SALE of all the books she no longer read. She raised nearly £50 which feeds 2,500 tummies with hot nutritious porridge at Kyabirwa Primary, Jinja, Uganda. What a star.


Very many thanks to Austin and Rachel Milne who hosted, and all those who came to our great LoyalTea on Saturday. We wanted to show our appreciation to everyone who has supported Fingerprints in Uganda over the past nearly 10 years. The photo is of girls at Emmanuel playing Dobble.