We are so very sorry not to have posted in an age, it seems that Face Book has more followers and therefore I do tend to put news there.

However, there has been masses going on in the lives of our beloveds in Uganda and I am happy to say that Project Extension to Mumaso House is hotting up.

Our 35 girls are now down to 18 and we have just the ONE house.  However, the final 18 are growing and space is limited, so we have had plans drawn for an extension.  This will comprise three more bedrooms to accommodate double deckers and have washing facilities.  The total cost should be about £10,000 and we are half way there, so all donations towards this are gratefully received.

So please let’s fundraise the final amount so we can complete the work.

Therefore, we welcome new faces to Fingerprints in Uganda and will be delighted to hear from you. All monies given go through to Afrinspire  who send donations over to our account at Barclays Bank, Main Street in Jinja. Every penny and pound is received with much gratitude.

We intend to have a quick way of donating shortly as the BT system is finishing at the end of June.