my name is

My name is Gilbert and I teach tailoring at Lords Meade Vocational School, located just over the River Nile overlooking Jinja town.

I have loving  extended family,  because it is our custom in Uganda that when a brother or sister dies, other members of the family take on the surviving children.

Beside my house where we all sleep on double deckers or mats on the floor, I have a workshop where we cook our supper and I can sew on my own treadle machine. I like to make bags of traditional fabric which can be used for laptops or shopping. The trousers I make are bespoke.  Fingerprints will have some designer labels made in GB.  I am in the family because we have been friends since 2008. People in Britain were helpful to my family when my wife, Adjena Betty had a major operation.  She is still recovering, but  manages light housekeeping, but is not yet able to carry the water from the bore hole.