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Vicent  is doing really well at Lords Meade Vocational Secondary School.  He has just started his third term and has settled so well. The day of our visit he was enjoying a lesson about Uganda history.  He is so proud of his country. Seen here meeting with Ben the Runner for the first time.  Ben will join in Senior 2 next February.  We are hoping they will be very good friends.

Vicent’s brother Benedict now has an electric drill and carpentry tools thanks to the Ugandan Charities Network and Austin Milne. Previously, Benedict has had to  move homes as neighbours kept entering and helping themselves. Trusting now all will be well and he can get going on all the projects he has in mind.

Both Vicent and Ben would really appreciate any and all assistance with their school fees.  Go to contact if you would like to talk more. These teenagers are going to be responsible adults who will more than do their part in the next generation of Uganda. They know that they will make the difference to their own lives and their beloved country.