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LadyZone, Henleaze, Bristol thank you so much.  They hosted a lovely evening to celebrate their First Anniversary when all clients were invited for refreshments, whilst watching a demonstration by Karen, of how to dress making the most of your figure.  Alongside Fingerprints in Uganda had a stall selling necklaces and beady bags, Just-so-Balloons and silver jeweller.

There was a “Draw” – kindly organised by Ruth and her excellent staff (photo coming), all the proceeds came to Fingerprints, so the total for beads sold and the raffle came to £155. We are very grateful to LadyZone for this opportunity and all the generosity. The money goes to Jacqui and the Ladies in Masese on our return.  Seeing the photographs they will find it hilarious that people need to exercise in a gym!  Its a topsy turvy world indeed, but wonderful that every penny makes a difference.