my name is

Madam Margaret

Last trip, September 2011, the cook at Kyabirwa Primary, Madam Margaret promised a chicken by way of an extremely generous thank you.  So she did not forget!!




The most magnificent cockrel appeared under her arm. For our part,  I produced silver foil and chicken stock powder.  Moses found a slaughtering (very blunt!!) knife, cut down banana leaves for the chopping board – an off we went.

I felt less of a murderer than the first time (is there no hope for me?!?) continually apologising and holding its head away so our eyes did not meet, surrounded by pupils, I killed the chicken.

Margaret plucked , several of us chopped  after Moses and Joy had gutted it, then we  sprinkled the stock powder, wrapped it in foil and placed the roasting tin upon the embers, where it cooked for around an hour.

All staff enjoyed sharing it with their lunch of beans and posho.  The foil intrigued and was noted for future use in home kitchens.  Thank you to Madam Margaret for her kindness.  It was delicious.