my name is

Jacqui Beadies

I (Susannah) had a call from Huggy Betty with the greatest news, Jacqui was in HER home right now.

Dropping everything, I went around and there she was having travelled from 6am, arriving just before midday. Jacqui’s disabled trike doesn’t fit into the matatu’s or on boda’s so she had to be lifted into and onto a variety of transport to get here!!  Did you ever hear of such determination? We chatted and caught up on what has happened.  Somalians (many of them here in Uganda)  bought the land and house where she rented.  They are making a school for their own.  Such a shame as it has much more potential with the view of The Lake Victoria and smack next to Ripon Falls Hotel (squat)

Upshot being Jacqui moved many kilometres away to the tiny piece of land she had squirreled money away for over these past 5 years.  Presently she is building a wooden hut, but hope in time to afford bricks to make a more secure shelter (3 little pigs comes to mind)

We ourselves will travel to her next week to buy her necklaces.  She couldn’t bring them with her as she had run out of varnish and small small beadies.  This is real life, but such good news that she is alive, well, happy and safe.