Thank you so much to all the gentlemen of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bristol who contributed so brilliantly to The Porridge Pot Project.  James Wearmouth (such a star) and our James, Harry and Melissa gave a presentation about the need for pupils here in our link school, Kyabirwa, to EAT!

The pupils  walk to school, some for many hours (in the dark) on empty tummies, without the provision of porridge would go hungry all day, then walk home afterwards.  We cannot really imagine or empathise sufficiently, but every penny raised shows that actually we do care.

QEH raised 50 days of porridge!!! that is TEN weeks of guaranteed warmth and comfort in their stomachs, making for happier children who are then able to work harder and enjoy life.  VERY MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE.

Hopefully we will celebrate this in the newspaper on our return.