my name is

Hassan has been on the streets for many years, always knowing what’s new and where the Police are!!

He pops up every now and again to say “Hello” and has my admiration, because he wants to be a Tour Guide here in Jinja.  Currently he runs errands, and assists tourists/visitors when they are lost or want to find a certain shop.  Every Ugandan shilling he is given as a tip he puts into his own Bank Account.  He is working to make his life better, and although there are “hand outs” he uses them for his future. We were meant to meet at Source Cafe Church this morning.  I turned up and the congregation, usually 100 or so, was 3………..and no Hassan, so I wait to hear.  I greeted the other 2 members and continued along Main Street to St Andrew’s where, although half an hour late, I was by no means the last! The Vicars there are Trustees of our Charity, we are so grateful.