Maddie’s Mag

Such excitement with Maddie’s magazine!! all the boys read it too, and the teacher took it whilst they completed an examination in the afternoon.


I took all the Penfriend letters to Kyabirwa this morning.  OK so I walked over a mile in the equitorial heat, to sit in a Matatu (little falling apart coach) we waited and waited, went forward, then back to be jammed by bricks under the back wheels because the hand brake wasn’t working. Then chickens and all we set forth, red dust choking all through the windows that were without glass, or wouldn’t shut, for several miles.  I was then deposited with back pack and hand bag, fortunately to be “picked” by a local boda boda (motor cycle) for the final route.

Primary 6 ( as they are this year) read the letters and were so proud to have them.  We took some photos, and realised that actually only 9 of the original 30 were still in the class.  So we now have NEW pen friends for all.  Jess’s dollie went down a storm too.

How would you drink your daily porridge ?!?!?


It rained and rained (not elephants and hippos as one can expect) but heavy for the while as I sat with Madam Margaret in her wattle and daub home, complete with cow poo insect repellent (truly necessary and FAB) on the walls . She has again a big sickness and I worry. Charlotte and Molly’s money went to help for medication.  Her chest is so bad, I wonder if it could be TB, which is an extreme complication of HIV. I will keep you in the loop.