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One of many best times on  this last trip Number 10, was spending time with the Full Time Street Boys.

We talked of their day and they each drew a picture of one part of their routine, e.g. cleaning the CRO compound, washing clothes, taking porridge,greeting their teachers and praying, ending up with going back onto the streets to pick garbage and beg.  It was such a privilege to talk, listen and watch them be totally engrossed in their pictures, which we stuck  up on the walls.

I had several reasons for following this line, it was all completely relative to them, it would help them read the words about their day, and to make them think because of Parts 2 and 3 to come. The relativity is vital.  Its only taken me 5 years to  realise Read Write Inc just isn’t for Ugandan children…..why would it be?  They know nothing about fluffy cats, vets, Robin Hood, Hairy Fairy (all of which we in UK love of course).  So we made our own book from their pictures (several copies actually, but some got nicked!!)

More to follow.