Its in the pipe line

After all the hard labour by Team 2013,  in  building the most wonderful Girls’ Bathroom at Kyabirwa, with money raised by Helen Powell and friends, together with excess paying for porridge for the remainder of this year!!! WOW thank you a million times again….. because that is 60,000 porridge pots and 60,000 full tummies, the bathroom is completed and celebrated with a special opening ceremony.  The girls feel valued because of this facility and will now be able to attend school every day because “pads” have been provided by Helen and Becca.  If you dipped in to our Blog whilst we were there, Helen eschewed all birthday cards and presents in exchange for pads!!! What a girl.


Further to that….it was mooted that an extension to the water piped along the “main road” could be tapped (pun intended) up to the school kitchen.  Imagine walking half a mile there and back to collect water from the bore hole, for drinking, porridge and washing up. In the dry season Kyabirwa Primary children miss so much school time because of this need.  Boy (and girl) is it heavy to carry back in those yellow jerry cans.  SO, with the assistance and generosity of anonymous amazing people (not to take from the blessing) giving from Birthday and Wedding parties, winnings from competitions, in memory of loved ones, neighbours who saw the need, donations from friends who came to our Street Food lunch…….. over £1,000 has been raised to extend the pipe. Through UDS the funds should be there in December and work can start ready for the new academic year in February 2014.  AGAIN THANK YOU EVERYONE.