Chugging for Fingerprints

There is a certain young man at St John’s Primary, which is linked (these past 7 years) with Kyabirwa Primary in Jinja, who has astounded us all.

His name is Todd.

A Chugger (slang for charity mugger) came to his door asking for donations. Todd said, “Let me tell you what we do in our school. ” He proceeded to tell the caller about The Porridge Pot Project; how it is hoped that every home of St John’s pupils, collects their small change until it reaches £20. This then is sent Western Union to Jinja, and pays for 1,200 pupils to have a mug of porridge. The Chugger put money into Todd’s porridge pot!!!!  How great is that. What a hero and promoter of this wonderful cause.

Well done Todd, and indeed well done everyone who collects for porridge. It is SO easy to do and you hardly notice the small change fall from your pocket into the pot.  It makes such a difference.