Last year, Isaac did brilliantly at Main Street Primary. From 3rd Grade he moved up to 2nd by the end of the third semester. Considering he has NO family and was sleeping on a classroom floor, he focussed on his studies and  achieved.

What a brilliant fella.

Kyabirwa Primary is now his school for candidate year P.7. Thank you Madam Robinah for overseeing this boy, Mr Emma for giving him a place in P7 and encouraging him in sports.Also all the staff at this magnificent country school  who will check he is happy and integrated into the community. The Owino family are hosting him for the entire year, which is a complete joy. Isaac loves being part of the family, he loves the fresh air, Mr Owino for assisting him in Mathematics and SST, digging for ground nuts and playing football on the enormous pitch.


We understand from Julianne of Blessings4You, where Isaac spent Christmas, that he is very adept with electronics and made his own amplifier. Roll on Isaac.