The Hen House

[Tuesday Group up in Masese]

Behind the imposing sentry!!! the 30 ladies meet in The Hen House to make their hand-rolled, recycled paper beads, which are then varnished, dried in the Equitorial sunshine and finally re-threaded onto fishing wire making beautiful necklaces.

Currently, we are the only source buying from them. It would be great it this could change, and I’ve had an idea.Watch this space.   However, good news is that the ladies have Health Care tokens at the local hospital AND have set themselves up into three groups, Layers, Exotics and Locals (all types of chicken in Uganda) These groups are using their little profits to sell charcoal, firewood and little salted fish…… women!!! and so excited. They hope to make 10p a day per group, which will add up over the weeks.

Well done them and thank you to everyone who buys beads from us, as you can see the difference you make.

I hope I have set up a Shop on Etsy called Source of the Nile, where you should be able to find the necklaces for sale. Failing success there go to Contact and we can communicate.