We know so many fabulous people in Jinja,  have loved them for years. Fingerprints wants to help them to help and sustain themselves and their families whenever we can.

We buy the hand-rolled, multi-coloured re-cycled paper bead necklaces from several sources.  Initially we bought from Jacqui Beadies, Rose, Carol and Barbara Ameso, then we went to Masese where all the women in the community make necklaces to supplement the feeding of their children.  It is a daunting task to help everyone, but we do what we can.  Every one of these ladies works so hard to upkeep their families.  It is humbling to see the conditions they live in and yet they are SO joyful.  Each one wakes in the morning glad to be alive with breath in their lungs for a new day. What a lesson to us all.